The Sloans Lake area has become one of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods in recent years. With the emergence of the St. Anthonys redevelopment and a boom in development in the surrounding areas, Denverites are flocking to the area. In both the immediate neighborhood and surrounding areas, there is ample variety of shops, restaurants, entertainment, arts and night life.

Given the solid performance of investment in the area, the recent years. The average home price in area the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood is $647,257, with a 6.5% increase in the last year. The average home price in the West Colfax neighborhood is $528,381, with a 3.4% increase in the last year.

The surrounding areas have also enjoyed solid price appreciation in recent years and offer attractive alternatives for both living and investing in real estate in the area. Let me show you all how you can enjoy the in-town lifestyle without the in-town price!