Knox Townhome walk through

We had a great walk through of the new town homes being build at 14th and Knox. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there types of developments have been popping up en mass lately. Denver changed their zoning codes a year ago, so what you see being built will be the last of this type of development. It’s always nice to see what up and coming in the neighborhood. If you’d like to tour any of the new developments you see, feel free to reach out and I’ll set it up!


Edgewater Public Market opening soon!

Sloan’s Lake is bordered to the west by the small town known as Edgewater, which has seen the same boom in development and revitalization as Sloan’s. One exciting development is Edgewater Public Market. Taking over the old King Soopers shopping center at 20th and Depew, it will be mix of restaurants, retail and consumer services (think barber shops, fitness studios, salons).

Included in the development is a food hall with 12 different international options. If you’re looking to relax with a drink, head to the roof for Roger’s Bar, which will be sure to have picture worthy views. This new outpost is poised to be a hot destination for all residents of Denver, local or not.

Edgewater Public Market is slated to open in August of 2019.

Even Stevens Sandwiches


I was fortunate enough to have lunch with a friend today at Even Stevens Sandwiches. Aside from delicious sandwiches, eating here doubles with giving back. Even Stevens is a sandwich shop with a cause. For every sandwich sold, they donate one to a local non-profit partner. Their community partners order the products they need to provide food to individuals in need. This allows people with food insecurity to eat and it allows the non-profit to reallocate funds towards their unique life-changing programs. So I’m leaving lunch today with a satisfied stomach and a full heart. How can you beat that?

Even Stevens Sandwiches

Sloans Lake soft surface path almost finished!

Due to explosive growth in the area in recent years, Denver Parks and Rec has been hard at work installing a soft surface trail at Sloans Lake Park. The trail is being added to accommodate the heavy usage of the existing 8-foot wide hard surface path. The new 4-foot wide soft surface path is perfect for runners and walkers that enjoy a lower impact experience. My favorite thing about Sloan’s Lake is the city view from the west side of the park and the mountains views from the east side. The new soft surface trail runs the perimeter of the park, thus preserving the amazing views.

Construction of the trail began in November of 2018 and large parts are ready for use. What a great way to enjoy the Colorado sunshine while getting your steps in!